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What is the purpose of this site?

The purposes of this site are entirely fan-based. It is an awareness website- a source for people to view, explore, learn about the artist, Mark Whitcombe, and his incredible artwork.

I own some of Whitcombe's work and would like to feature it in the web gallery.

That's great! We love to hear from people who own their Whitcombe's, whether it be an etching, two oil paintings, a small number of pieces or large personal collection. We would love to feature images of your pieces in our Web Gallery for others to enjoy.

Where do the images of artwork on this site come from?

ALL FEATURED ART IMAGES are of works that come from private collections of individual buyers (unless source is otherwise indicated) and do NOT currently belong to the artist himself. All text, edited images, postings and other elements of this site do not necessarily reflect the views, actions or professional decisions of Mark Whitcombe.

How can I submit images of my own Whitcombe collection?

It's easy! Just take a quality photo and then send it to us via email. For best quality, it is recommended that any work in a frame behind glass be taken out to be photographed. Also, use a tripod, if possible, to obtain the clearest possible shot. For smaller works (8" x 11" or less) you can use a regular sized computer scanner. The quality of our own featured works vary, so if you have a rendition of one of the pieces featured and can help us with a stronger quality image, we would really appreciate it!

How can I purchase artwork featured on this site?

At the moment, ALL FEATURED ART IMAGES are of individual pieces that come from private collections of individual buyers (unless source is otherwise indicated) and DO NOT actually belong to the artist himself.

 If you would like to see pieces currently available for purchase, please visit our Marketplace page. This feature is designed to highlight where and when Mark Whitcombe pieces can be found for purchase. It also serves as a platform for our site members (you) who are looking to buy or sell Whitcombe's. We want to support the ethical commerce and sharing of his work to the best of our ability. Thanks.

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